Robert Held Art Glass

Located in Parksville, British Columbia, Robert Held Art Glass offers beautiful, unique pieces of glass blowing art for sale as well as classes for those looking to learn more about this creative and fun art medium.We take particular pride in our work, and strive to ensure that every piece is created as perfectly as it can possibly be. With more than 45 years of glass blowing experience, our pieces add vivid splashes of color and sophistication to any home, office space or gallery. We sell to both wholesale galleries and to individual art collectors – there is a beautiful glass art piece for every taste ands style!

Art glass lessons are available to those who wish to learn the craft and perhaps become glass artists themselves!  Our classes delve into glass blowing and fusing. Each class is tailored specifically to help students learn the basics of crafting with glass. In these sessions, you will work one on one with the glass instructor and there is no rush for time – each lesson lasts as long as it takes for you to create your desired piece. We want to share the art of glass blowing with you and help you create the best piece you possibly can!

Take a look through our Glass Art Collections for a look at just a few of the beautiful styles and designs available, or contact Robert Held Art Glass today to learn more about customized work or to register for an upcoming class.
Robert Held Glass Artist

Meet Robert Held

Born in Santa Ana, California, Robert Held aspired to be an artist from an early age. His father, a sculptor, only lived six years of his son’s life, but passed on the talent and appreciation of art that gave Robert the beginnings of a quest to create beauty in form and color.In High School his paintings won him the “Ebell Award” for promising students. He studied painting at Whittier College until ceramics artist F. Carleton Ball crossed his path. To explore this new medium, Robert changed colleges, supporting himself through this time as the Art Director of the Los Angeles County Fair.

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Southern California, Robert was awarded the graduate assistantship. At this time, he won the prestigious “Glen Lukins Award” for new work in ceramics.

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